2.5" Chili Red / Black Premium Leather Guitar Strap


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  • Made with top-grade NAPPA process premium leather.
  • Double-layer bonded cowhide and super fiber cloth, providing a super sturdy structure.
  • Utilizing top-grade double-stitched thread from AMANN.
  • Featuring a mountain-shaped tail piece, with a total of seven adjustable segments for the strap body and four adjustable segments for the strap tail.
  • Gold-stamped logo.


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  • Body length: 34½” (87.6cm) ; Tail length: 22¼” (56.5cm)
  • Adjustable range: 36¼” ~ 49¼” (92cm ~ 125cm)

Important notes

  • Leather is a natural material, and each strap has its unique grain pattern.
  • Picco straps are dyed using natural dyes. Please note that they may experience some color fading if exposed to alcohol. In case of dirt or stains, please use a leather cleaner or gently wipe with a dry cloth.
  • To prevent leather products from getting moldy, avoid storing them in damp environments for extended periods. Regular maintenance with commercially available leather care products will help keep them looking fresh and new.
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