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Traditional craftsmanship, modern style, better performance.

  • Crafted from high-grade top grain cowhide leather, each strap possesses its own unique natural grain patterns.
  • NAPPA cowhide manufacturing process, soft and skin-friendly with a feather-like touch, akin to the sensation of fine down.
  • Utilizing top-grade stitching thread from Germany by AMANN, meticulously double-stitched by skilled artisans.
  •  Pure gold foil stamped logo.
Our Story

Picco was founded by two professional musicians in 2023. With nearly 20 years of playing experience individually, we decided to create the ideal guitar strap based on our own needs and preferences. We believe that instruments are the medium through which musicians express themselves, and a good strap can provide a better connection between the player and their instrument, enhancing the overall playing experience.

Whether it's on a crowded arena stage or in the recording studio, Picco always meets my needs.
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Co-Founder, Feature Artist
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