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Premium Leather Guitar Straps

Hand made in Taiwan

Premium Leather

Specially selected imported NAPPA process full-grain cowhide, soft and skin-friendly, with a rich and elastic texture, can evenly distribute pressure to provide the best playing comfort.


Classic Design

Avoiding the use of hardware parts that may damage your guitars. With seven adjustable segments on the body and four adjustable segments on the tail, allowing more precise length adjustments.

Sturdy Construction

Picco straps are made of double-layer bonded cowhide and super fiber cloth, double-stitched by hand using top-quality stitching thread from Germany. Ensuring a durable and stable structure.

Our Story

For People Who Love Music

Picco is a brand that stems from the perspective of players, with a mission to meet the highest quality demand of music lovers. The brand name, Picco, is derived from the Italian word 'Peak,' symbolizing our pursuit of the peak of guitar strap quality.

What Our Artists Say

Picco Strap has a more refined adjustable length design than its competitors, the fiber fabric combined with double-layer leather construction is both soft and sturdy, while the four-inch wide design meets my personal expectations for an ideal instrument strap.

Lee-Ping Jiang

The strap is soft and wide, which reduces pressure on the shoulders and neck while providing enough adjustability. The leather is rich in texture, satisfying both touch and sight.

Yun-Ping Lou
Premium Leather Guitar Straps

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